Social Care Worker

Social Care Worker

Location: As Assigned

Reporting To: Line Manager

The post holder will have completed the suite of mandatory training before commencement of employment.


GALRO services provides for rehabilitative supportive solutions for children and vulnerable adults to ensure their welfare and foster independence. GALRO services include residential services, respite services, community-based mentoring services, Ability Therapy Service and specialised models of care for people referred by the HSE and TUSLA.

Job Description:

  • Work as part of a team to care for, protect and support vulnerable service users, individually and in groups, as directed by line management and the multidisciplinary team.
  • Work as part of a care team on a shift based roster incorporating day, night and weekend duty.
  • Take on household roles including Health and Safety Officer, Finance Officer, as assigned by line management.
  • Contribute to the planning and review of individualised personal plans, which are based on assessed needs identified in consultation with the service user and/or families and relevant professionals.
  • Participate in meetings pertaining to the care and support of service users.
  • Ensure the primary needs of service users are met. This includes meal preparationand cooking in line with food planners, personal and intimate care provision in line with policy and procedure.
  • Provide emotional support to service users and liaise professionally with significant people in the person’s life such as parents and siblings.
  • Support and encourage service users to learn new skills.
  • Arrange and actively engage in age appropriate activity.
  • Facilitate and attend appointments with service users as directed by line management.
  • Supervise service users in accordance with their support requirements.
  • Actively participate in the management of behaviours that concern and promote positive behaviour in line organisation policy and procedure for the provision of behaviour support.
  • Administer medication to service users in line with GALRO’s Medication Management policy and individualised procedures and protocols.
  • Undertake various aspects of home management including household chores, food shopping, keeping financial records, cleaning and hygiene standard upkeep.
  • Be responsible for the upkeep of daily record keeping including daily reports, incident report, cleaning schedules, medication and administration records.
  • Provide accurate and concise information at each handover and give verbal and written feedback on the progress of the service users, as required.
  • Report notifiable events to line management in accordance with GALRO policy.
  • As a mandated person, ensure that service users are not subjected to any forms of abuse and adhere to reporting procedures in place.
  • Strictly adhere to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and GALRO’s Health and Safety Statement.
  • Be familiar with all GALRO care and staff policies and at all times adhere to procedures in place.
  • In conjunction with line management ensure that the care of service users both on and off site is risk assessed.
  • Undertake training as required and when directed by line management.
  • Take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in order to carry out the duties of the role and be committed to managing your own work/life balance.

This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties involved and consequently the post holder will be required to perform other duties relevant to the post that may be assigned from time to time and to be pro-active in developing the post.

The post holder will from time to time have access to or hear information concerning the medical or personal affairs of a Service users or information relating to other staff or GALRO services generally. Such information is strictly confidential and at no time shall it be divulged, discussed or acted upon except in the performance of normal duty relevant to this post where at all times the post holder will act in the best interest of the Service users.

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