Respite Care

Respite care in GALRO is a short-term break away from the daily routines and stresses of everyday life. The duration of the break depends on the needs of the individual service user, their family and available resources.

Respite offers opportunity to take a break in a comfortable, homely, safe and secure environment, where care is provided 24 hours a day by qualified professionals.

Each individual using the service has a Personal Support Plan that details their individual care needs and schedule of activity for their specific respite period.

The service consults daily with the family and/or social worker to give up to date information about the service user’s welfare, and to provide the greatest level of flexibility and efficiency.

Who is the service for?

  • Short term residential respite care for adults to assist primary carers by taking over the care of their family member who needs support for respite periods throughout the year.
  • Short term residential respite care for children with complex needs that may prevent them from continuously living at home with their family, due to a combination of emotional, behavioural and family events.
  • Emergency residential respite care for children and adults with complex needs whose families may find themselves in a time of crises and require urgent support.


Our service users can take part in a wide range of indoor, outdoor and community based recreational activities, including educational activities where augmentative communication is practiced, social outings and much more.

Children are supported by staff to participate in activities. The service is offered to children who are carefully matched in consultation with the referral source.

Referral Arrangements

  • Written referral from a nominated person in the HSE or TUSLA.

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