Kilbixy Day Respite

Kilbixy Paddocks Ability Therapy Centre

Kilbixy Paddocks provide for an environment with various themes in comfortable surroundings that are restorative and refreshing, where both children and adults alike can experience “the good things in life.” The purposeful and life-enhancing pursuits combine skills teaching and reciprocity, enabling participants to give back to the community by sharing tangible products, as well as social capital.

The aims are many and varied, but in essence, this amenity is a venue for individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential in a flexible and responsive environment. Kilbixy Paddocks has been developed as a purpose-built amenity combining leisure, therapy and personal development.

By breaking away from the traditional “Day Service” model, Kilbixy Paddocks offers a menu of life enhancing pursuits. Examples include animal husbandry, goat rearing in conjunction with Bothar, cookery, organic horticulture, canine companionship, extensive private walkways and many more meaningful pursuits.

“Choice” is the operative word. The activity that participants display an interest in will guide the corresponding direct support to ensure follow through. Some participants may need support to enjoy the environment at Kilbixy Paddocks, while others may have a desire to expand their knowledge and skill to gain social and economic independence in a community setting.

Traversing the countryside on the tracks, trails and private roadways promise hikers a safe and varied experience that they can enjoy on foot, on trikes or bicycles, or on the pony pulled trap as they explore the extensive grounds.

An education programme is standardised to meet the requirements of the accrediting body, yet individualised in application and learning mediums.

Who is the service for?

  • Kilbixy Paddocks is developmentally appropriate for both adults and children and offers a calm atmosphere that promotes self-regulation and awareness.

Referral Arrangements

  • Consultation and written referral from the HSE or TUSLA

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