Community Support

What is Community Support?

GALRO work with relevant authorities providing specific professional rehabilitation services to support a person in the development of independent living skills, social and economic integration and civic responsibility.

GALRO services are individual, needs-led and provide tailor made support and supervision to ensure the person and the community have a harmonious relationship which promotes community values and social ethics.

Day Service

Our service supports service users with independent living, mentor support, outreach and day to day social and economic integration in the local community.  This support is provided by a mentor who has responsibility for implementing a care plan which includes supervision, guidance and support with daily living and access to social and economic activity.  The mentor also works with the service user to identify and access economic life, leisure, social life, vocational and educational programmes in the community, providing encouragement and practical support to engage the service user.

Evening and Weekend Support

As with the day service, the service user is supported with independent living in their place of residence and are also supported with accessing and using mainstream community services.  However, the emphasis in the evenings and at weekends is to promote social integration, leisure activity, sport and recreation, family attachment and general social gain.

Night Steward Service

The night steward supports a service user in their own home during night hours by assessing risk and taking action which include reporting to appropriate authority to reduce/eliminate risk to the welfare and safety of the service user and avert their involvement in anti-social behaviour.  The night steward encourages and supports personal autonomy and reassures the service user.

Rehabilitation Plan

This rehabilitation support service applies natural community based supports and mentor support in a mainstream setting with the concept of a vision of behaviour support and social integration.

Existing community based professional resources and support structures will be coordinated with additional needs-led support provided by GALRO.  Mainstream community based activity of daily living/social activity is identified to promote practical skill development and social inclusion, while providing 1:1 supervision with specific behaviour support intervention.

Who is the service for?

  • Supported Independent Living in community settings for adults who are unable to live independently without support specific to their needs.  A unique element of this service is our night steward support service.
  • For children who may have an intellectual disability, or autism, who are experiencing a challenging period in their life due to finding it difficult to attend their school placement, day service or therapeutic programme.

Referral Arrangements

  • Written referral from a nominated person in the HSE or TUSLA.

For further information on any of the services available at GALRO please contact us.