For young people in statutory care, leaving the care system can be a traumatic and daunting prospect. Aftercare is the follow up coordination and support provided in moving towards independence for young people who have been in the care of the Health Service Executive (HSE) or TUSLA, by order of the courts.

Most young people in care leave their final placement when they legally become an adult at 18. Making the leap from a life in care as a child to adult independence is exciting for the young person, but can also be overwhelming. This is a time when the aftercare support team can reassure the young person.

Our Aftercare Programme is for young people leaving the statutory care system and those moving from residential care to independent living. A specialised support worker will co-ordinate and support plans for the young person to establish themselves in an independent living arrangement, with access to mainstream community services and supports.

Who is the service for?

  • Young people aged 17 to 23 years and are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Young people aged 17 to 23 years leaving the care system and who may be a danger to themselves or others in the community.
  • Children at risk in the community without support.

Referral Arrangements

  • Written referral from a nominated person in the HSE or TUSLA.

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