Who we are


At GALRO, we strive to meet individual therapeutic and care needs. Our residential and non-residential services provide for all care and support needs through our qualified social care staff teams.

Our range of services and service models are designed, developed and structured based on a person’s diagnosis, presentation and life experiences. Direct supports in our unique settings aim to assist individuals to self-regulate and perfect skills of daily living to aid mainstream community integration and living.

The care staff facilitate multidisciplinary assessments and interventions directed by management and the clinical team that consists of: –

    • Heads of Care and Programme Manager
    • PIC’s, Community Services Managers
    • Consultant Psychiatrist with ID speciality
    • Senior Clinical Psychologist
    • Senior Occupational Therapist
    • Junior Occupational Therapist
    • Assistant Occupational Therapists
    • Behaviour Support Specialist
    • Behaviour Support Workers
    • Dialectic Behaviour Therapist
    • Holistic Therapist
    • Nurse specialist

Risk Assessment and Risk Management underpin all care, personal development, integration and therapeutic plans and interventions.

Care plans, clinical interventions and development progress are regularly reviewed with all stakeholders updated accordingly.

Our Multisensory Therapy Centre at Balsonna Barn provides a host of benefits that are used to meet multiple objectives and are based on individual and therapeutic needs. The various suites at the Ability Therapy centre are designed to stimulate a multitude of senses and promote pleasant sensations and feelings of well-being and vitality.

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Affiliations to other support groups

Partnership with Bóthar – GALRO is affiliated with the Irish international charity, Bóthar. Bóthar provides the gift of livestock to families in underdeveloped countries as a means of long-term development aid. Bóthar international projects enables families and communities to overcome hunger and poverty through the giving of livestock and supporting training in communities.

Goats destined for families who rely on the charity are partially reared at Kilbixy Paddocks, and from there they are exported to meet the receiving families in Africa. This purposeful and life-enhancing pursuit combines skills teaching and reciprocity which means that while service users at Kilbixy Paddocks are learning how to care for the animal, they will also experience the satisfaction of making life-giving contributions to families in Africa who need help to overcome poverty in a sustainable way.